Every project is unique, so Laci cannot guarantee prices until after discussion of details and working through any aspects that may take more time, effort, or equipment than usual. However, these prices should provide a general sense of the cost of working with Laci.

  • Raw recorded hours – $80/hr, 1-hour minimum (add special effects for $20/hour)
  • Finished hours – $140/hour, 1-hour minimum
  • Original bumper music – $100+ depending on complexity


Because Laci currently works a day job and juggles other projects at the same time, she can currently only offer approximated turnaround times until after a discussion of details. However, these are some rough timelines based on past projects:

  • Single-page script, raw recording – 2 to 3 days from payment
  • 2000 words of fiction, mixed dialog and narration, with special effects, finished – 2 weeks from payment
  • 75,000-word novel, mixed dialog and narration, with special effects, finished – 9 months from payment


Although Laci is open to working on many kinds of projects, she will give higher priority to projects that fit any of the following:

  • Science fiction
  • Animated shows, films, or other projects (including anime dubs)
  • Themes of hope, found family, or trust
  • Animal or non-human character roles
  • Within the technology industry

For more on Laci’s project preferences, see [about page].


Laci is a woman of many talents! In addition to voice acting and narration, Laci can offer the following services:

  • Copywriting
  • Line editing
  • Fiction writing
  • Script editing
  • Music composition
  • Audio editing
  • Concept generating
  • Project management
  • Production