Alpha Bots
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“Laci Powers is a gifted narrator—a true natural. While breathing life into each and every character, she also intuitively connects with the heroine’s voice by shining the spotlight where it belongs. Her snarky portrayal of my villainess has inspired a fandom all her own. Laci elevates a great book to a whole new listening experience. Her humor, warmth, and care shines through every line. Laci also has a lovely, but neutral, narrator tone that doesn’t distract from the action and dialogue. And her walk-on characters are of such high quality that you can almost see these people in your mind. Mark my words, one day she’ll be doing voice-over for a mainstream animated series.” – Author Ava Lock

“Powers provided a range of samples that made developing voices for each character an enjoyable process. In all, she created about 25 distinctive voices: female, male, and non-binary. She skillfully recorded elevated emotional vocals such as yelling without distortion, clipping, or volume increases. She also expertly handled whispers without dropping her vocals. After receiving feedback, Powers completed line edits in an efficient timeframe. Laci Powers was a joy to work with on the Alpha Bots project. She is fast, professional and skilled. Production for this 322-page novel took less than 6 months. We will be using Powers for the entire trilogy. I highly recommend her.” – Semiscope audiobook producer

“She talk purdy.” – Arts & Crafts Productions producers Mr. Hasgaha