About Laci


Comfort zone:

  • Feminine characters
  • Younger characters
  • US accents

Up for the challenge (more examples and direction required):

  • Masculine characters
  • English accents
  • Canadian accents
  • Mexican accents
  • German accents
  • Japanese accents
  • Russian accents



  • Provide clear, detailed direction — the more examples, the better.
  • If an aesthetic-based approach is preferred, provide film/television scene(s) or song(s) so Laci can adapt the tone.
  • Provide the script or text ahead of time, as Laci prefers to have a sense of what she will read before recording begins.


  • Don’t come back after recording with a bunch of notes that you didn’t provide ahead of time. If you have a preference about something, speak up before recording begins.
  • Don’t ask for a fast turnaround. Laci has many projects and jobs to juggle so a rush job is very unlikely.


Laci has been using her voice to tell stories and entertain since she was a four-year-old horse girl collaborating with her dad on hand-puppet theater. Since then, she has read voraciously, developed a love of animated storytelling, and fulfilled a childhood dream: publishing her own novels.

These days, she juggles her corporate day job with her artistic pursuits, as well as managing a 2-acre farm, an unruly husky, a pair of tolerant goats, and a big garden. Her husband helps and inspires her immensely, and her favorite pastime is finding projects they can work on together.